Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The Beaumont No Car Bike Ride Club

With the Jeeperz out  of commission as it is currently going through some needed service to help it negotiate yet another Winter I thought I had a ride in to town until Mrs Lonebiker squashed my dreams. 

So it was no ride or ride the super amaze (giggle) that is Beaumont. I chose to ride baby!

Not a lot of stuff to say about this other than it was decent given the circumstances. The hardtail is a fun as hell bike that proved it's worth as I zipped through traffic on Main Street like a psycho. One day I have a bad feeling things might get very shitty very fast, that's all I have to say. I trust cars a bit too much which is quite dumb.

Really dumb.

Don't be like me.

Perfect Fall weather made me miss the river valley in a big way, The countless man made lakes with no trees or any real nice view is all out the window here. Yes the backdrop of the yellow leaves and half naked trees would have been a welcome site compared to ugly houses built way too close together imposing their towering three story walkout basement equipped backdrop onto the countless man made lakes. 

it was still a ride and it was fun. 

man made mini lakes absolutely everywhere all filled with geese and the backdrop of ugly neighbourhoods. 

aww geez, really beaumont...?

really? like come on you guys...


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