Friday, November 5, 2021

Beer Friday. 70 Acre Brew Co. Private Peach

 It's back to this Sherwood Park brewery for this Berliner Weisse on an absolutely deadly Friday out there. I am coming off a rough set of nights which meant it was pretty much a housecoat day right up until now when I am writing this. So yes I have been in my housecoat all day so go ahead and judge, it is well warranted after 84 hours in a week on nights can take a guy out. Today, what I have called Black Friday for a long time now happens once a month and is the one day I have the proper excuses for being a lazy dirt bag piece of shit. 

Well sometimes the laziness works into the Saturday and Sunday as well.

This is the brewery with the shitty website. If you want to learn more about this brewery I guess you have to join Facebook. Or what is it called now? Metta? Mega? 

I really wish they did a little work on their website. I assume they have a brew pub as there are hours on the website but it doesn't say anything else. Maybe it is to go purchase beer? It's a shame as I would like to go check it out but don't want to make a trip out for nothing, with no menu posted I am pretty confident this is just a brewery only.

This one had an aggressive head that reminded me of that cocky big red headed bully from Junior High. A good three and a quartered fingered head stood atop a dirty golden mug of happiness. A nice dark fruit taste with peaches come at you. The peach seems to sneak through at the end enlightening the already pleasant experience. This sweet and fruity beer would be awesome on a patio in the Summer. 

Would make a great easy drinking post ride beer.

This beer gets 3.5 suds out of 5. 

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