Saturday, February 26, 2022

A Stretch of the Legs

It was a hard week of nights out at the mine last set which included fourteen hour days plus a 45 minute commute back and forth each way. The set also included extreme cold weather for a few of those nights which made things all that more miserable. 

So the ride today was a nice light one that started at Strathcona High School and from there I headed towards Whyte Ave and took the 83rd Ave bike lane aimlessly till I decided to turn off and try and find some sort of start to a trail. 

I found it after riding some back alleys after a middle aged lady dropped me like a bag of hammers on her e- bike on the bike lanes and my pride was immediately hurt. I lit a Malbaro and chased her down and was quickly on her tail, the plan was just to pass her but I felt stupid and eventually turned off and found back alleys. 

Male pride kids. It's a bastard.

I did find Blue Man Group and rode it down to some pretty decent conditions. Not a lot of trails were ridden today all from the joys of work fatigue.

*edited, sorry.


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