Sunday, February 27, 2022

Beer Friday. Obolon, Premium

Hi guys, we deleted the first four paragraphs as I was writing with emotion and it had a strong fuck Russia vibe to it. 

This one is from the Ukraine, its a much shorter post now. 

Yes this one hails from Kyiv, a city that could use some support from the world but when a serious nuclear threat exists countries tend to stay away. I am not sure on the status of this brewery as of now. I think the breweries are targets now because the bad ass Ukrainians are getting Molotov cocktails with the help of the local breweries to use against the invaders. 

We poured and this one showed its beautiful colours of a crisp gold thirst quenching diva. It had a small one pinky fingered head that turned into some small traces of lacing that hung around for quite some time. The first sip gave a somewhat fruity aftertaste so I had another. On more sips I got a dark fruit vibe out of this one with some badass European hops that was easy to drink. there is a sign of a sourness or bitterness but its masked somewhat making me question my existence of a below amateur beer reviewer.

This beer gets 3.5 suds out of 5. 

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