Friday, April 8, 2022

To The.... Wait, What is this Place?

Yes, it is a bridge, we know that and it's serving one of the busiest roads in the Edmonton region. Underneath is a bit of a trip to some would call sketchville. Others would call it a creek crossing in a fine ravine. 

To me and Kent it seems like an unfinished city project.

Yes this place is a bit popular as the local social media kids seem to have that proverbial 'hard on' for dumping pictures onto the Instagram. I have seen countless photos on Instagram that look like they are taken from the same spot. Or maybe they all have blended together over the years. 

We entered from the other side. A side I have never seen on the internet's before and it was kinda cool. We explored and crossed a couple times before heading back through absolute *hellish riding conditions through back paved trails behind oversize look at my small dick houses all built too closely together. 

The wind gusts were terrible and we had a ten degree drop in temperature from the start of the ride to the ride back armed in t-shirts and shorts. 

In the end, not an exciting ride but great to have good company.

*by 'hellish conditions' it was just a bit gusty and cold. when writing make things bigger than they were, so the experts say... hence the news media.

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