Monday, June 6, 2022

Rainy Day Exploring

An area I have been to on photo drives and kept forgetting about when the rain clouds come. 

The Riverside Nature trail in Strathcona County was the start point. I had always wondered and figured it would lead to Fort Saskatchewan but have never Googled it as I knew one day I would ride it and find out the right way. 

Not a soul was out and it was not that wet although it is a Monday and most chumps had to go to work. The absence of people was a welcome relief and it looked like I was all alone for the ride (with the exception of a serial killer or two hiding in them trees.)

Double wide gravel trails take you away from the road and boat launch and I found myself rolling through slightly wet conditions finding a nice pace that would make me happy. More heavy new thoughts came in about a new gravel bike and how much better it could potentially make rides like this better rattled through my head as I rode on.

I eventually came across a sign that said 3.6 kms to Fort Saskatchewan and I thought "oh hell yeah!" and oddly got a little excited. 

I think I need more excitement in my life. 

I entered the backside of Fort Saskatchewan after riding next to what seemed like an endless field. I even named the field "Big Fuckin Field That Never Ends" and it will forever be known in Lonebiker lore as that from here on out. 

As I got more into the town, houses started littering the landscape and backed on to the trails. It was a letdown after being in the trees. It was not long till I found the boat launch and trailhead to the Heavenly trails this land possesses which, no. I did not ride. 

I started to return home and followed a loop that runs alongside the amazing singletrack. 

It was quite impressive how Fort Saskatchewans paved trail network is so expansive. Take note fellow towns and cities. 


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