Thursday, August 25, 2022

The Power of Spaghetti Compels Thee


It was the last two sets off where I tried different pre ride meals and it resulted in a very poor two weeks off of riding. On this first day off I went back to my tried and and true spaghetti and the result was a decent ride. 

I was no Tinker Juarez out there but the ride was great. Hot weather meant nobody on the trails in Fort Saskatchewan but poor sight lines did not let me open it up real good. Well, just finishing work yesterday did not let me open it up either and the plus thirty temps did not help. 

I really don't like riding in hot weather. 

It was Fort Saskatchewan as it is an easy start to riding right after work. I have written in the past about how easy Fort Saskatchewan is to ride and some would say I was a pretentious braggart about it. Please don't think that for that is not the case. Aerobically it is a lot easier than the Edmonton river valley as there are no serious climbs. The trails are all a bit challenging making it quite fun without killing yourself on climbs. 

That is all. I am only a pretentious douche for this here blog. 

It was a great ride and the trails were in good shape although things are quite dry. The heat did get to me a bit and I was happy most of the trails are in the shaded tree. Five people (hikers) spotted on the Eastside with not a soul on the west side. How strange.

The bridge? I crossed through to Turner park and not a soul was working on it. So could be a while till it's ready. 

We hope to get quite a bit of riding done this week so fingers are crossed. A great start though to a set off. 

the connector through the boat launch is completely done

very gross conditions close to turner park, it's quite sad

*edit. I swear I named another ride this… Click Link.. Yep, I sure did.
Oh well, spaghetti is great. 

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