Friday, December 16, 2022

Some Attempt at Elk Island

Hi, been a while… Sorry but things have been busy hence the late post and short write up. I remember Moss Lake being quite memorable a couple years ago so I decided to ride it again but did not account for the heavier snow past the what I call "the dog walk loop" a short 3.5 km U that avoids the thirteen kilometre U which was my intent. 

In short, the snow past the dog walker portion was obviously lightly used and still rideable but would take effort which I was not willing to give. 

Go ahead judge I don't care. 

I rode the parking lot out and hit the road to Astotin Lake where I caught the top photo which I was proud of and yet only 8 likes on Instagram. Oye ve… 

Todays ride gets 2 fat bike tire treads out of five. A beer review is coming soon. 

the snow conditions on the longer loop, rideable but squirly, i turned around after a test run

Toe Dabbing in the Fort SK

 A rather poor attempt at ruling the roost today in Fort Saskatchewan as I was off my game and misjudging rooty climbs followed by immediate...