Saturday, December 3, 2022

The Telford Lake Global Fat Bike Day Session

 Sessions… Why do people say they are 'sessioning' a section of trail? I don't get it and wonder why it annoys me. 

Is this old white guy boomerism showing through? I get that some sections of trail are super fun and you would want to ride them over and over kind of like sessions.

Ahh forget it. 

This was not where I wanted to ride tonight, I had actual plans of singletrack and fun trail. Not Leduc boring cleared pavement amongst a sea of truck nuts but I had to do what I had do. It was the fine wife and children's Christmas party tonight and I acted the part of the Uber and did the drop off and will be the pick up person which its actually happening right now. 

I am back and before you ask why I didn't attend my wife's Christmas party let me kindly reply with a quick mind your fucking business. 

Bah ha ha ha.

She has another more intimate managers one this next weekend off which I will be attending. Oh boy, a close personal social function to look forward too. I can't fuckin wait.

As for the ride? Meh. A fat bike was definitely not needed. A ride on one of the most pathetic skating rinks I have ever seen did warrant the studded tires for about thirty seconds. Not a soul was seen the whole ride and something I didn't see on the summer rides was a plaque for flight 3801. A Pacific Western cargo plane that crashed here in 1973. My dad as a police officer told me stories of responding to this. *that last paragraph was finished with tears of pride. 

I am a dumbass and did not get pictures of the plague. 

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