Monday, February 13, 2023

Frozen Drops of Icy Death Pellets

 I'll admit. The title does seem to make the frozen pellets that rained down on us for a short while a lot worse than they were but I can assure they were kind of annoying.

Hey I could have gotten one in my eye!

It was a meet up with Kent after a long hiatus apart from each other and it was started with proper Kent-Lonebiker ride fashion. 

He was trying to fix my bike.

The crank wobble was eliminated but the mad skipping continued as the drivetrain is once again destroyed thanks to the shitty conditions this bike gets put through. I could ride in the big ring and small ring if I didn't push too hard and could safely climb in ultra granny. I do plan on fixing both the winter and shit bike soonish but things are quite tight over here in LB headquarters for the time being.

It was a Kent meet after about seven months of life happened for both parties. From his place we rode to Firemans where a sketchy ass descent was taken by the Stumpjumper and I made it down thankfully unscathed. I did have my foot down on some of the iced steeps and looking back I feel a bit ashamed. No I didn't walk down the extra steep part. I promise… 

Kent waited patiently at the bottom. 

BDSM was ridden then the Fort Edmonton multi use that runs along the river when the frozen ice pellets started pouring down. The lower river trails leading to Hawerlak (Slinky-Slumopy I believe) were the last of the singletrack and we paired up and crossed Hawerlak into Karenville and made our way back to Terwillegar. 

Despite the bike being a giant piece of shit the ride was pretty top notch most likely cause it was the top notch company I was with. 

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