Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Frozen Face, More Shitbike Disgrace

A planned quarry run was supposed to happen today, one of my favourite rides a chump can do but when I started to roll on a freshly shaved face the extreme lack of beard hair did not keep the cold air off  like a proper winter beard should. 

With the cold hitting me within the first five minutes I immediately aborted the quarry run and rode into Rundle Park with no plan on going anywhere. I knew I should warm up soon but it seemed to be taking a long time. I crossed the Ainsworth Dyer and rode through Gold Bar into Capilano and Immediately crossed back and rode out of the valley. 

By that time I had finally warmed up and I rode into Beverly with no plan. 

I decided to head towards the Canadian National main line and crossed under a tunnel under Victoria Drive where I am sure some pretty fubar things have happened in over the years which gave the tunnel a bad vibe as I rode through. Or maybe I just had built it up in my head which is probably the case. 

I rode into Hermitage and looped it back to the Jeep. It wasn't that cold today but after a period of bullshit plus 5 daily temperatures it made today hard to take. Especially after shaving my Unabomber beard.

Not a bad ride despite a very poorly riding shitbike which is small shitty and awkward. 

one more for the potty break photo archive

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