Friday, April 21, 2023

The Eagle Rock Home Loop

 A very rare early night shift recovery ride on a Friday all thanks to the Octane One and a reinvigorated desire to ride locally. 

This was planned out on my first night only I was a lot more aggressive thinking I would do it  on the Thursday when I woke up after three hours sleep. That did not happen but the Friday after nights is usually a wash too as I am  a complete bag of shit which was the case today but you know what? 

I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and got out there!

Well the bike made me want to head out. This is something I could have done on the Moots but a mountain bike on this type of ride is pretty lame and I realized how lame it was today as the skinny tires made quick work of the roads and I was home from my loop in about forty five minutes. 

Mountain bikes are terrible for this sort of thing.. 

I can't believe I just typed that.

It was cold and I was not dressed for it. A t shirt and arm tights which kept falling down made my upper arms cold and uncomfortable This route was direct from Lonebiker headquarters and I got out of town quick for the ride straight east to the golf course. I contemplated riding the more busy TWP 510 back as I thought it was a lot busier but rode it anyways, 

There were more cars that passed on the other road heading east. 

The bike felt amazing after a week of work and I keep looking at the Moots as I type this with that lustful look in my eye. This new bike just makes me want to ride more which is pretty stellar. 

Things were in a bit of a dark state over here the last two years and this year was going to be worse, The Octane One might have saved the day. 

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