Sunday, April 9, 2023

The Telford Lake Leg Stretch

 A roll around Telford Lake on what I now dubbed 'The E-Bike Smasher' as I passed about five or so today rolling around the paved path around a pretty swell lake by the name of Telford. That's right, eat your heart out Sherwood Park (sorry for the violence, I am Leduc county all the way baby.)

Yes you are right about your thinking. They were all of old decent and I swear one of them yelled out that I was a maniac as I rode by. 

You know, that felt really fuckin cool. 

I did approach with heavy bell. I mean like Jason Kirkpatrick type of bell ringing. 

Rest assured, they heard me. They even tucked into single file to let me pass and thats when I put the hammer down and enjoyed immensely how this bike moves while admiring the e-bikes I was now blowing by. Fuck me, I love this bike. 

Yes.. they were elderly…. 

The ride was short compared to the last two debut runs but it was still incredible all thanks to the new bike and that super swell lake I rode around. 

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