Thursday, July 27, 2023

To Strava or Not to Strava

A casual ride on the gravel bike yet again this time in a more desirable area which is the river valley.

The I never go cool anywhere anymore years seem to be continuing on another set of day shift days off with plans and events not letting any sort of trip out happen.

yet again… 

I'm either too busy or too tired.

Still no GPS which has me sadly on the Strava app too much. A quick scroll through the timeline was had which I never do is making me wonder if Strava has officially become Instagram. It's very odd now and used to just be tracks of people's rides but now it has a weird social media vibe that I am not too keen on. Other than odd pictures it has a pretty serious dick measuring aura to it as well which is just sad.

So a decision will be made when a new GPS is acquired...

Quit Strava and get more serious on Garmin Connect? or go rogue on Strava? 

Other than the weird social media bullshit vibe it is a pretty great app and has a lot of great features and I liked the layout and look better than Garmin Connect. A quick check right now  and it doesn't keep record of non Garmin rides which is a killer for going straight Garmin as I will lose a ton of miles recorded.

So I guess the answer is… Stay on Strava, unless there is something else?

So yes… the irony of all this is I have an Instagram account and still post stuff on there.

Cue the hypocrisy, but I kind of hate Instagram too.

The ride was good. Mill Creek across the Tawatinâ and along the north side river. I climbed up Victoria road and found the High Level and booked it home. If out of town readers are wondering why I'm ignoring the mountain bikes it's because it's been incredibly wet lately and this is why I bought the gravel bike. 

Beer Friday tomorrow or a ride… stay tuned. 

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