Saturday, August 12, 2023

Beer Friday. Leduc Brewing Co. Fools Spring Hazy IPA

 Yes these are the beers I got after my ride in Leduc around that damn lake for the billionth time. I stopped into the brewery and had one and listened to what sounded like karaoke in desperate need of autotune. Oh who am I kidding, autotune wouldn't have saved them. 

The environment was pretty cool though and I ordered some take home Fool's Spring and had one on tap because I busted my ass on a flat nine kilometres… *waits for laughter to stop…

This tap room is fairly new to the downtown Leduc core and seems like a much needed addition. Their Fools Spring comes in at 6.1% raising a big middle finger to those sissy light beers like Coors light. We are going straight to the pour and it is giving us a dirty golden colour and was topped off with an almost two fingered head. The head hung around form a bit and left its sexy lacing on the sides of the glass.

It has a slight odour of citrusy dead fall grass.We tasted it and it wasn't quite the taste explosion the website said it was but it was still quite pleasant. It has a slight citrus taste in it with some sort of berry I am guessing? There seems to be a slight desire for this one to have a sour finish but it doesn't, which is a good thing…? As the real beer reviewers would say 'this one has good mouthfeel.' 

And it sure does, whatever the fuck that means. 

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5. 

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