Friday, August 11, 2023

Back to the Usual

Yes another Leduc run brought to you from Tired as Fuck Industries aka The Lonebiker. yes nightshift ended at seven am yesterday morning and I got out on a rare Friday post nights bike ride. So you get this which is better than nothing or a disheartened beer review. I chose a ride and ironically went for a post ride beer which will be tomorrows review at Leduc Brewing where I will be more lively.

I thought a full lap was over ten km but I thinkI barely hit nine per my Strava iPhone tracking system. Damnit kids I gotta get a new Garmin. 

Pulling that bike around those odd tight corners while rolling in hot is something that won't ever get old with this gravel bike. A feeling I never got on a mountain bike. Holy cripes! That must be a special feeling and it is. I think people who ride and have ridden gravel and road bikes would know what I am talking about. 

Oh my god I sound like such a dweeb right now. 

So mountain bikes you say? I cannot remember the last mountain bike ride I had on actual singletrack and can speculate early June or May was the last. It was when I lost my GPS I believe… 

I could just look back on the blog but this is better. 

And yes… we ended to improve things but rides have been hampered by wet trails which always seem to line up on days off which  is why the new Octane One has become the biggest star since the introduction of the Nine0Seven brought into the quiver around nine years ago. 

Riding is better than no riding so the blog will live on no matter how boring things get.

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