Friday, October 6, 2023

Beer Friday. Nine Locks Brewing, Frig Off East Coast IPA

 We are coming fresh off a set of nights and it has been a little while since we did a night set all because I have been sort of a bitch because of a high thyroid issue. Now thanks to pills I am back to normal aside from the daily fear that I will blow out my back again. ha ha ha…  

Yes a new career move is in the works but we unfortunately have to wait for a bit so enjoy this poorly written beer review as once again I am beyond stupid tired. A busy set of days off await as Thanksgiving will take up two days, also unfortunately the bike transporter otherwise known as a Jeep will be gone very soon and I have to find a replacement to get my bikes to the trailhead. So I will be talking to annoying salespeople… mainly the males, the chicks are all right. 

We missed last sets of days off for a review because bikes were being ridden and then I just ran out of time. Well not this week kids. This week we have a sampling from Nova Scotia where a brewery named Nine Locks made their 2014 start in Dartmouth. Home of the Dartmouth Whalers. I think that's their hockey team? 

Let's just get the pour over with… 

It showed a light golden coloured with a touch of that dirty look that a good IPA brings. It smells like yeast and a tad that I guessed grapefruit. A good two fingered head hung out for a bit and soon it dissipated into a slight touch on top with some sexy side lacing. 

The first few sips were quite easy yo put down. At 6.7% this one scares away weak men but I can assure you that you don't taste it as it is well masked on a very drinkable beer. It has the same bread like yeasty taste as well as grapefruit. It also has a slight inkling of pine needle but I might have said that just to look like an arrogant pretentious ass. I did enjoy it but I wish it had more of that IPA punch to it if you know what I mean but then I remembered… East Coast IPA. 


This beer gets 3.5 suds out of 5.

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