Saturday, November 11, 2023


Happy Remembrance Day and Veteran's Day for those out there. 

A rare almost mid work set day off was given on late notice and I am not going to lie. That news had me in an ecstatically good mood and I seized the day with a bike ride. The only problem is I was quite sore from work yesterday so I ruled out a mountain bike ride in favour of the gravel bike.

Only other problem is hills… I didn't want hills so it was Telford Lake in Leduc on an amazingly warm November day. The ride was amazing almost half way through a set of long twelve hour days and I had newfound energy from the joy I felt to be riding this bike this late in the year on a day I should have been paying off countless debt.

It was probably the top Leduc ride of the year, although there were a lot of them since the Octane One came into the picture, I think the circumstances made the feels on this one a lot better than most. It was a bit busy but I thought there would be more people out given it being a Saturday and a bat shit crazy November warm day. 

It was Telford and the loop around the cool plane park named after a dorky politician. My phone GPS crapped out on me again so in the end I was quite annoyed and shed a tear thinking of that poor Garmin lost in the bushes in Fort Saskatchewan.  

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