Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Slight Snow Adversion

I drove out to Fort Saskatchewan only to find a very slight skiff of snow on the initial descent had me puss out and I diverted to the paved thinking I would be slipping out everywhere. I didn't even test it. 

So to make up for bad decisions I decided to cross and head to the hamlet that stares at me when I am getting ready for a ride at Turner Park. The hamlet is quite cool and features a cemetery that protrudes behind the church and through a field which welcomes you to the most delightful little cemetery 

Yes, the cemetery was the highlight of the ride and double yes, I should have just stayed on the singletrack and had a better end of days off ride. 

But that slight skiff of snow man…

all roads lead to lamoureux

i present toy you, shadow of the lonebiker

some info on what would happen if I kept going...

yes, these people are dead

is this a seasonal road? hey! that shadow is back!

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