Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Long Time Coming

After perhaps one of the worst night shift recovery weeks that could have ever happened I forced myself out for the first ride of twenty four in the holiest of holies. The river valley. It was the gravel bike that took me out to break in a new year of riding despite another very rough night of sleep. 

It was very close to another lethargic day at home and by golly that gravel bike made life so much better. I got to the Velodrome and did have to fight to get out of the vehicle but I did it and once I started riding and got under the Whyte Ave bridge I knew the ride was going to be all right. 

I was a bit Leary of not having any studs on my tires with the skiffs of ice that we have which some knuckleheads are actually calling winter and did have a couple slips but nothing scary happened on my way to the Walterdale bridge and back.

The ride was great. My feet were starting to get cold so I cut the ride a bit shorter and instead of the Groat bridge I crossed on the mighty Walterdale where low and behold some hipster doofus millennials were taking Instagram photos of the bridge. 

What is with that bridge anyways? I know it's nice and all but the amount of attention it gets. Do these people not have anywhere else to photograph? I mean the freakin High Level is an absolute beaut and you can see the thing from the Walterdale. 

I don't know kids. 

I might be in one of their videos though so watch out for the Lonebiker on Instagram!

Work starts sadly tomorrow, we will be posting the 2023 beer runner up and champion. Good lord you guys are lucky to be alive and reading this!

Ride of the year so far. Bah ha ha ha ha...

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