Saturday, April 27, 2024

Hanger 11 Farewell Ride

A ride after a rough week of lack of sleep and other issues all thanks to a thyroid issue or as they say in manspeak I was being a little bitch. 

Nevertheless I was fine today cause of being off for the weekend so I decided to ride to the big fire we just had. The historic hanger 11. As I typed that the inner virgin airplane geek in me was crying thinking of another slice of Edmontons aviation history gone forever. It was built in 1942 and used in the war effort. 

I remember it vividly from the time spent as a kid when my Dad would take me and my brother to hang out at the airport for a while. Its sad to see the area now which now includes an LRT line going nowhere. Dead centre of Blatchford Field. I don't really pay too much attention to news events lately but alot of money was spent to put the line and station there... I hope they rolled the dice ok on this one. 

I did see them ripping apart Naits still newish LRT station as they built a new one a hundred yards ahead and I wondered how much that cost and that was before riding about a kilometre of light rail infrastructure complete with three sidewalks running parallel. The city likes to spend money.

Oh man. I'm turning in to an old haggard hairlip complaining about things the government is doing on the internet.  

I wasn't into the ride though. Just like last Saturday. Probably cause i rode a lot of old school Edmonton residential. Just like last Saturday. 

I started in the creepy old man park (science) and crossed the river and immediately climbed out having none of that river valley and rode into the mean streets of north Edmonton sticking to residential to stay away from traffic where I weaselled my way through Commonwealth and found the LRT which led me to the former airport and hanger fire. 

It was what I expected. Mostly a pile of burnt building that looked like ash with a surviving door frame. A shoutout to those nineteen forties bricklayers!

From the fire I saw something peculiar and thought "is that a train line running through runway 12?' 

Thats when I discovered the lone LRT tracks and started wondering how much it all cost. Well there I go again.. I found my way back and still despite not being into it the bike still ruled. 

lots of money spent with nothing around this station yet, we assume its all slated for high capacity residential *shudders 

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