Monday, May 6, 2024

Not a Soul

*this song should be in everyones wet weather riding playlist

Not a soul on the trail the entire way around Telford on yet another impromptu after work ride which means 9 times out of 10 I am going to Leduc. Beaumont does not have a lot to offer in terms of  paved. Well they have lots but it is mostly backed on to by houses galore. 

Hence, I will mostly choose Leduc. Cause of the lake which today it had a slight feel of seclusion as the birds were overwhelming but that feeling only lasted about half a second but still it felt pretty good man. I started at the recreation centre and stopped to take the one picture got on and didn't stop until back at the car.  

That's right, about eight kilometres of uninterrupted riding where miraculously I didn't stop for a potty break or anything. That might be a Lonebiker record.  

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