Saturday, May 4, 2024

Beer Friday. Arcadia Brewing. Coliseum Blonde Ale

 In light of the recent success of the local hockey squad I pulled out this gem from the archives. It's gonna be an interesting series for sure as its the Oilers playing the Vancouver Canucks which must have last happened in the 80's or maybe 90's.. Let me look that up. Booh ya. Im a hockey expert! It was 1992 so I had a good guess. Apparently we lost every game to Vancouver this year so who knows but we have that very fast guy.

I have been to the new hockey arena a few times for concerts and a game and it is very nice. There is nothing like the old Coliseum though and I remember going to countless games and the beer being hypnotic. It was something to do with the pipes they said. It is sad to ride by the old arena now as it is so forgotten, The hockey history in that building is insane. 

So Arcadia brewing decided to salute the old barn with their Blonde ale and we are about to pour this bad bitch in the review lab. Arcadia brewing is in the Manchester Square part of Edmonton wherever  the hell that is. Apparently they say it is the soul of Europe right in the middle of Edmonton so now I am very curious.

It poured a somewhat dirty golden beer that had an heir of smugness to it. Like it knew it was gonna be pretty great. Will see beer... Will see. I appropriately poured this into my #99 Wayne Gretzky beer mug and shed a tear in memory of Dave Semenko who was one of the coolest Oilers ever. 

It had a nice earthy type of hop smell to it or at least thats what I want to think as allergies have me quite plugged up so who knows what it smells like, hell or even tastes like. So that being said lets get on with the beer review. 

This one is quite great and I will be sad to see this one get empty. I had kinda hoped they would have tried to create that distinctive Coliseum beer taste but that wouldn't flow with a blonde ale. They did however pull off a nice Blonde Ale. It was nice and light after a massive barbecue was had in Lonebiker Junior Express's honour as she finished another year of college absolutely killing it. 

It's a lightly hopped and malted beer and goes down nice and smooth to quote every 80's beer commercial ever made. It is very nice and easy so go out and find some.

This beer gets 3.5 suds out of 5. 

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