Saturday, May 18, 2024

Russian Oligarchs a Short Ewok Climbing Session and Kent Fuckin Steeves

When was the last meet up with Kent? 

I know I could just look back on here but I'm quite lazy.

So off we went on titanium thunder bikes and left shadows of amaze awesome throughout the valley. Those bikes even left little scents of sexy  

Ok... where am I going with this? 

The ride started in old school Mill Creek where all the great usuals were ridden with a new extended version out of the trail heading up to the Trap (Hulk Bogan I believe) and rode up Swabeng Swabe and found and rode down a very very steep Tuwad? (these trail names are all guesses)

I don't know. It was steep as hell but disagreed with Trailforks black diamond designation on that trail (if it was the trail). It was quite steep but I think a true Black Diamond is where you stop, look and plan it out first. I did feel momentum from the back end lifting and could have gone over the handlebars which would have been quite nasty. So maybe I guess Black Diamond. A darker blue version of a blue trail maybe? 

I'll sit back and wait for you to stop laughing from another lonebiker lameass joke before I continue.


So yes after almost unaliving (sorry, it's hip) myself we rode up through the sacred Trap and than up the ski hill and flirting with Valley Line LRT operators until we found Camel Humps where some newish trails to me were ridden. I have been around for a while so I have explored the Camel Hump area many moons ago and it was always laced with dead end trails and homeless feces. I had to have been through there at some point in my riding career. Most of the exploring was mid 90's with that and oddly enough south Mill Creek was finished off with today. Trails I rode when I discovered this amazing thing we call mountain biking exploring as much Mill creek as I could.

Ewok Forest was found and ridden mid to top. We stopped at the infamous stair root climb and made several attempts  up where Kent finally nailing the rooty section upwards.  Throughout the day the climbs did slap me around and my recovery up top was quite poor on every climb.

It was a great ride despite my shortcomings of a mountain biker. Is it that new gravel bike and it's long straights with no climbs ruining me? That makes no sense, why would I even type that?

Kent rules at riding and proved his worth today to the mountain bike gods. Some pretentious dorks would say he now has a weird setup with the raised bmx bar and flat shin killer pedals but as I say... that boy rules at riding.    

*3 photos below. Kent Steeves

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