Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Basking in That Terwillegar Glow

A rather amazing after work ride on the wonderful Moots which carried its weight through the singletrack. I have started gaining power after some hard climbs which was a big confidence booster but did blow up on the first climb as I always get the heart going too fast. I've tried taking it extremely easy with the same result and it happens almost every ride and I always think about dying in that moment. 

Cool huh? 

After the weirdness I'm good and it usually doesn't come back unless I really push it. The ride started in Cameron Heights where Bottle Rocket took me to the bridge where I crossed and Staff Climbed out on through the campus and onto Go trail. 

It was Go trail that made things come alive for me and I carried through to the pedestrian bridge and on through the log jammer trail or whatever the fuck it is and the pete's and turned around and rode the BDSM trail back. My Lord is the BDSM trail in rough shape. Is it all those beach weirdos?

I took the same route back and it was just as much fun on the return trip. What a ride baby! 


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