Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Forklifts Are Bastards

Oh the humanity !

If I had known that a quick forklift ride to check on some inventory would have left me incapacitated for the evening bike ride I would have never have hopped on ...............never!

Sadly , I made the wrong decision at 6:36 on a cold wet Tuesday morning . All I wanted was to go check on some beams for an upcoming job ...................I didn`t even need a forklift ! It lured me in with it`s warmth . I didn`t want to get wet and cold so I hopped in ...........big mistake ! I got to my destination and quickly hopped out only to have my ankle roll out from underneath me sending shearing pain that would have brought a Navy Seal drill instructor to his knees (o.k , it wasn`t that bad ! so I got a little carried away there ! It was sore though )

I went on through the day thinking that I would still be able to ride my bike , I knew the trails would be crap due to pissy weather but I would go anyways , just no singletrack ...................sadly I could live with that . I would still be riding wouldn`t I ?

The answer to that last question would have to be answered by another forklift later in the day . I am starting to think that the forklifts are conspiring to stop me from riding my bike and being in the woods . If you think I`m crazy my friends then listen to this ! In the afternoon I tried to hop on another forklift when the same ankle rolled again and down I went .................................Two forklift ankle rolling incidents in one day . I hardly think coincidence ! This time my ankle was worse off and I knew I wouldn`t be rolling on fat tires tonight .

Who knows how long I`ll be off the bike . I hate when something prevents me from riding . The last few weeks sinceI got back from heaven I have only been riding weekends and tonight was going to be the first after work ride to get me away from that evil moniker aka "weekend warrior". I probably won`t ride till halloween now ....................stupid forklifts . I even had to leave work early so I could go home and sulk ............ya ........stupid forklifts !

a dramatic reenactment of the events that
occured on the morning of October 27

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