Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bike lust . Santa Cruz Nomad

As I sit at home resting my sore legs from hobbling around the shop trying to stay off a sore ankle I can`t help ponder what it would be like to have more bikes .......................o.k I think that all the time ! Take the Santa Cruz Nomad . If I had the money there would be one in my quiver right now .

This bike just looks cool , with it`s swooping top tube which goes low enough for good standover height . Seeing these bikes in stores they seem smooth with no awkward cable routing . 6.5inches of travel on the back and the same on the front (it`s custom you decide) The weight range for this sexy beast with a 7.15lb frame could be anywhere as it`s a custom build , I`d say around 29lbs with a respectable kit . The bike features vpp suspension which is short for virtual pivot point . As most bike suspension is complicated this is no exception . In short according to their website "the downward force of pedaling pushes most full suspension bikes down , vpp has a patented link configuration and axle path to apply pulling force from the chain to counteract that pedalling motion" .................Are you still with me ? In short it`s smoooooooth .

Yes . I would love to have one of these one day (as a potential Mojo replacement) The only problem is , there are way too many cool bikes out there ! The other problem is this bike would be too much for the trails around Edmonton , serious mountain trips would be in order !

roll on nomad roll on..................

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