Saturday, October 17, 2009

Riding . Fort Saskatchewan

First trip to the mini S.K in over a month (oh how I missed it). The last time I was there Chicago Bill flew off the side of an embankment and just about ended up in the river .

I got there late and had thrown the lights on the Moots knowing I would be coming home in the dark . Pretty cool ride tonight as these mild temperatures have melted the snow and made the trail "tacky" which is pretty much perfect riding conditions . I got to the back loop and decided I needed too see after I went over the bars when my front wheel hit a pothole . It was a cool ride in the dark with the usual spooky shadows reaching out to grab you as you flew by , the only problem was I forgot to charge my lights and I had to get out of the woods once I was close to civilization . So up to town I rode .

The ride in town was superfun as I threw it in the big ring and flew back to the car parked back at turner park . I had a blast once I got around the more populated areas , when you ask for that frame to deliver does in a big way !

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