Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fruita land of Cactus and singletrack

Brian just realized he`s getting screwed on car insurance

Can you spot the American ?

Me somewhere on Marys loop

Zippety before it gets crazy

Fruita singletrack

I think if someone would have told me a couple of years ago that I would ride Fruita singletrack within 5 years and leave my new titanium hardtail Moots at home I would have freaked out and hired someone to mess this guy up (I'm not much of a fighter).

Fruita singletrack has been known lately as world class riding , they have a mountain bike festival that runs every spring attracting thousands of riders .................Pretty cool stuff ! Taking the mojo was a no brainer , I knew of the terrain in western Colorado and having 5 inches of suspension in the back was a blessing indeed as opposed to none on the Moots . Our first foray into Fruita came at a trailhead called 18 road . When I first got there my Colorado doubts crept up again as all I saw was plain desert . There was an old VW camper parked, when a guy rode up on a moots duallie (full suspension ya know) , I then saw his wife was also riding a Moots and started to think there must be some cool riding know cause Moots riders are pretty intelligent . The trails didn`t disappoint . Me and Brian hit a trail called Zippety do da , which after riding it is now the most appropriate name given to a trail.............ever ! Sadly one thing I remember about my Zippety experience is earlier in the day we took fish oil supplements , and they started coming up when we were riding . I don't know if any of you have been in +35 degree heat in the dry desert physically exerting yourself while burping up fish oil ..........................Believe me ......Not pleasant ! While I was burping up fish entrails I was having the time of my life , rollercoaster like singletrack with sharp edges on both sides that called for "gut check" time . I have never concentrated on a trail so hard in my life ! Zippety Do Da is by far the most unique trails I have ever ridden !
A few days later we returned to Fruita with a friend of Brian's by the name of Daniel . A definite class act , he showed us thefamous "Marys loop" , what true Fruita singletrack is all about . It offered killer views of the surrounding canyon lands and the Colorado river . It also offered some hairy riding as you are riding on cliffs that are hundreds of feet straight down , dubbed by some people as "Death below" . Again like Zippety Do Da.............. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE TRAIL ! My apologies for the length of this one . I can`t help it......................... Fruita Colorado is da bomb !

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