Friday, November 13, 2009

riding. Ft Saskatchewan

rear view

the best place to chillax

I wish I had every Friday off , hell I think I`ll start calling in sick so I can go riding on Fridays . That doesn`t sound like a bad idea , golfers do it and their the wimps of the outdoor world .

I`m not going to say that this was probably the last ride of the year out here cause that`s starting to sound pretty lame (like golf). It was a bit nippy out there , and the frost on the trail made it a little challenging , especially on the frosted leaves . I did a little extended version of the loop and added about 5 km from the usual 19 , I really wish this place was longer though . Good ride today however my bad mojo carried over from last nights ride a little bit .

I give this ride 4 suds .....................Ha

cold trail , colder river

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