Monday, November 16, 2009

Riding. millcreek-UofA

oh white energy orbs , take me to your leader

Holy hell is it warm out there ! Shorts were worn proudly tonight , with no leg warmers of any kind on this quick trip up to the UofA . Maybe this weather is a bad thing but I`m sure enjoying it . As expected the warm weather brought people out , so I had to be careful with having the lights off in between singletrack . One thing I found funny is how I knew where the trailheads were even though I was in darkness .............................I think I come down here too much ! That can`t be a bad thing could it ?
Highlight of the night (besides warm weather) was playing in the university area trail system . Lowlight would be just about running down a fitness class in Millcreek after my lights died again . Or would that be another highlight ? hmmmmmmmm....................

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