Saturday, November 14, 2009

Riding.backwards day , ssp-mill creek................WHAT!

my, what a strange place to start riding

My lovely wife who knows me best knows that I am a man of routine . I get up and put the right leg in my pants first................. always ! My nighttime routines are the same , my work routines are generally the same , my weekends , suffice to say that my riding routines are the same as well and have been for over eighteen years . Mill creek ravine has always been the start point (with the exception of Terwilliger and Fort Saskatchewan) . I always park my car in the same spot and get a little miffed when someone else is parked there (oh yeah I got problems) generally people don`t park there cause I think they know better .

Packing up my stuff today I thought what if ? What if I rode my planned route backwards today ?I quickly dismissed the idea thinking that`s crazy .........................That`s what crazy people do ! In the truck on the drive over those thoughts came creeping back and before I knew it I was heading to Strathcona Science Park . "Oh well , no turning back now" I thought and there wasn`t .

at the entrance to ewok , the whole backwards
thing was too weird and I had to have a big cry

The ride was pretty damn good , at first I played around in Strathcona Science Park but got a little tired of the "unflowy" singletrack and made my way to mill creek . I stayed on the southside of the river through Capilano , forest heights aka "ewok forest" (god I love the trail system there!)and eventually found the Pyramids and the entrance to mill creek . All kidding aside it did feel strange riding in there knowing I`m eventually going to turn around !

............vrooom , on my way to mill creek

look kids , the famous mill creek .........yaaaaa !

The ride back to SSP brought no surprises as I crossed the half frozen North saskatchewan and rode on the North side through the sweet singletrack of Dawson/Kinniard park . I soon was close to Strat. science park and darkness eventually overtook our little city . I played around in the Science park for a bit but didn`t really trust my lights so went back to the truck .

I have to admit , it was awesome ! I will try it again in maybe 14 years ..................just kiddin !
Now , to slowly get ready for bed .................but first , play a game of Madden , then eat cereal while watching southpark , boil water for some tea for bedtime reading then ..........................................oh shit ! I`m nuts !

it`s hard to believe this is in the middle of town

sunset on the mighty North Saskatchewan

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