Wednesday, November 25, 2009

riding . millcreek-UofA

me and the ice did not get along tonight

First ride with the upgraded light system and I am quite happy . Although the hikers and dog walkers coming toward me had to turn and look the other way with their arms up to hide the light , a few even commented on how bright I was(Ha ........don`t get that very often)

The two notable things that happened tonight was the coyote that hung out with me for about 150 yards until I think he realized he was close to a human and took off in the bush . That was pretty cool ! The other "notable thing" was a hard wipeout on ice .................those suck , I still feel pain in my right arm . I do believe anyone who rides in the winter are not a true "winter biker" until they crash hard on an icy corner . It happens way too fast too even think and the pain hits you hard and fast .

Enough about that . Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans tomorrow . I hope you think of me while your watching football and I`m at work .....................jerks

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