Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wow what a lame Sunday

A slight problem with a tubeless tire this morning threw me off for today's ride thus I spent the day on my fat ass watching football .

The day was lame on all accounts , the family didn`t feel like doing anything and neither did the Seahawks . I was happy that the boys got to play the Detroit Lions , the worst team in the NFL . I declared today "guarantee win day ."yes they won but did they ever play crappy. I think the local high school team here in Beaumont would have a good chance at the hawks . The first two posessions they turned the ball over and within ten minutes Detroit was up 17-0. Thankfully the Lions are who "we thought they were" (to steal a quote from Dennis Green) and Seattle ended up winning . Next week the boys travel to Arizona , I think I`ll go riding , that`s gonna be ugly .

The Winds Blow in Alberta This Time of Year

Alberta is windy as fuck in April. yourself may have complained about the insane wind we have been having lately. I have spouted...