Friday, February 12, 2010

Beer Friday . "Special sickness edition"

mmmmmmm yummy !

If you paid attention and did your homework , essays , and short stories you would remember last beer Friday I had started to get sick and felt it would jeopardize the integrity of the review . Brothers and sisters I reviewed it anyway . One week later I am still afflicted with this horrible affliction and alas I must review something even though I am afflicted !

Bring on the Neo Citran . Perfect for going to bed with a sore throat , working sick , walking around the house whining , hoping your wife will feel sorry for you ............Well , plainly just for being a giant little bitch (does that make sense ?) . So with two cases of being sick in the last three months . Neo Citran was called up for this round after one week of sickness debauchery .
The pour . Well , the boiling water dissolved the crystals in my favourite little "Salsa" mug . The taste , oddly enough , alot like medicine . Yet soothing , when drinking it your throat feels better ....................................O.k , wait . Hold on ! What`s wrong with me ? Why do embarrass myself like this ? Reviewing flu medicine ? ..................Sheeez ........I`m done

This medicine gets 3.8 crystals out of 5

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