Sunday, February 14, 2010

It was a special Valentines day

Ahhhhhhhh Valentines day ! A day to spend with the one you love ! This year it fell on a Sunday , meaning I could spend the whole day with the love of my life . It started out with me and my beloved searching on the Internet for new rims for the new wheels I am surprising my other love with . I know what your thinking .............Polygamy ? How could you ? It`s o.k if you are a mountain biker . Why some guys have 4 , 5 , or maybe 10 loves in their life (lucky guys)

mmmm , protein bars and wine = good times

After a fine dinner , we watched a movie where I tried to stop myself from crying (Kevin Bacon really gets to me) . Thankfully my love was there to console me . It was a long day and I was quite tuckered at the end so I climbed into bed and fell asleep quickly and guess who came up for a cuddle ..............You got it !

Well , I just had to share this great day with all of you , luckily my wife was there to take pictures .............It`s funny though ! She seems to have disappeared ! Lots of her clothes and possessions are gone too .............Oh I got it ! She probably went to spend the weekend with her Parents so I could be alone with my bikes . What a good wife ! She kept on saying "I`m gonna leave ! I`m gonna leave you stupid jackass" Ha ! She could be such a kidder .

Oh kevin Bacon ! You and the Moots light up my life !

I hope the rest of you had a great Valentines like we had (me & the Moots) . Days like this are truly special . I am glad I got to tell my Valentines story with all of you . I hope my wife comes home though , I`m starting to get hungry !

nitey night

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