Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hallelujah Baby !

After what seemed like an eternity I finally got a ride in and it felt great ........Oh ya baby ! After one of the longest colds that I can remember I grabbed my trusty winter steed and made way for my old stomping grounds .

hey !............who`s that cool guy ?

I find it funny how mountain bikers think though . After a long winter when rides are few and far between the weather warms up and all you want to do is ride . Thinking it is so nice the conditions will be perfect . Well not quite , all the melting has caused some serious issues with ice and I found it quite sketchy out there at times . If it would stay cold the trails would be in alot better condition . But hey , with warm weather you get closer to spring and I`ll take the melting over the cold like anybody else .

self portrait in the night

So March is just about here and I hope to be out on the bike as much as I can , unless I get infected with the swine flu or break my femur getting chased by River Valley Police cause I didn`t ring my freakin bell I`ll hopefully be posting rides here more often .

warm breath will not melt the snow (I tried)

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