Sunday, February 28, 2010

Riding. Millcreek - Cloverdale

So I committed some really serious Canadian blasphemy and took my bike out instead of watching the gold medal game . My thinking was the trails would be really dead as everybody will be watching hockey (it worked when the Oilers were in the playoffs) In Canada big hockey games = a slow River Valley . Not today though , it was surprisingly busy down there . I guess the weather won over hockey .

the hill that caused my soreness

The main thing on today's ride was to do some climbing and try to get back into shape , I just stayed on the north side of Cloverdale foot bridge and climbed to the top of the valley over and over . I didn`t climb it too many times as my legs started screaming and I eventually turned back to Mill Creek . Yes it wasn`t too exciting of a ride but it sure beat not riding . I love bikes !

As for the hockey , I`m sorry Canada . I think they are coming for me to take my passport and sin card away ........Jeepers !

I sure am happy we won Gold though !

a view of the valley from the top of the climb

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