Thursday, February 4, 2010


My you tube premier ! An early season spring ride on the Mojo . I believe 4 days after this ride the wheels came in for the Moots and it was built and ridden the following weekend ,ahhhhh memories . This trail is the end of Mill Creek (it has a name but I really don`t care) where it eventually spits you out by the pyramids and you are in the river valley .

Video was shot with a go pro camera . The sound is horrible ! Turn down your speakers . I should probably learn how the video editing stuff works on the computer . Then I can dub in something to replace that horrible sound , you know like vomiting ...... That would be better .

Beer Friday. Coors Light

  Back to a major brand this time around. It does not get any more major than Coors Light and am quite confused as to how we have not done t...