Sunday, March 7, 2010

Riding. Millcreek - climbing central

My goal for this mornings ride was to hit the 2000 ft mark in climbing elevation today . On my drive out to the trail head there was much trepidation on the thought of achieving my goal . Last nights ride had left me a little sore so I wasn`t feeling too great . 2000 feet isn`t too high though so I knew it was doable . I parked in Millcreek and rode out to Cloverdale and took advantage of all the hills climbing out of the valley . First , Forest Heights a few times , then across the river and climbed up to the top of the valley a few times , I then headed over to Conners hill and rode up that countless times checking my gps to see how close I was to my goal .

Oddly enough I felt stronger as I went on . If I didn`t have a date with my wife (that I was already late for) I would have stayed to see how high I could get before my legs said "stop". I was hoping to post my gps results on here of the climbing and descending from today but the gps and the computer were fighting for some reason .

What you would think would be a boring ride was awesome . Climbing has always been fun (no I`m not nuts..........well maybe if you look at previous posts) I love climbing , it is even better when it is challenging with roots and rocks making it technical , that`s coming soon !

In the end I ended up hitting 2271 feet .

Beer Friday (yes we know its saturday) Stanley Park Brewing, TrailHopper IPA

This post is brought to you by Google Chrome!  Well here we are and as promised a beer review happened after a miserably failed ride attempt...