Thursday, April 29, 2010

Riding . Mill Creek - Capilano Park

when it`s wet , the doubletrack is your best bet for good riding
only douchebags and pedophiles ride and wreck the good trails

Took the Moots out for a fine after work excursion on a wet and windy night in the lovely river valley . Luckily for me the rain had stopped and all I had to deal with was wet trails , and knowing better then to ride the sexy singletrack I kept to my self proclaimed "wet weather routes" meaning paved and gravel doubletrack would be all I`d roll on . In the end , a freakin amazing ride that started out rather shitty..........Maybe it`s that Moots .....I`m starting to think that bikes magical .

in the background "my bridge" that the fine instution known as
the Edmonton Police Service has lets it`s lowly recruits run across .
who do they think they are ?............ I mean really ?

Beer Friday.Dandy Brewing & Blindman Brewing, Together IPA

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