Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Riding . Mill Creek - U of A

joggers and a riding couch

I am seriously starting to think there should be another chapter added to the Bible , "the book of fat tires" . This riding shit could seriously change people . On a night that looked like there would not be much hope for a good ride , it turned into one of the best rides in a long time . The weather conditions were just perfect . The good trails were dry .......You know , the ones that make you salivate with sheer pleasure as you try climbing up rooty twisty tough climbs .....Oh dear ! Is there anything better ?

a view of a sexy bike and a dreary looking Edmonton

The valley today was completely dead and I pretty much had it all to myself (I`m still giggling) Other then a few runners and of course Mountain Bikers , the trails were all mine . I rode to Kinsemen and played in the trail network that so proudly cuts through the trees below the University of Alberta Campus . The Mojo performed flawlessly as usual and the brakes are starting to grab more as they break in . I should mention the new tires are also winning my heart over as they helped on some of the climbs that I rode up tonight . They pretty much stuck to anything I put the bike over ........well except maybe wet roots .

Good God , I love riding !

a section of the goodness that I got to climb tonight .
Could there be anything better than this ? .........?

This is Getting Repetitive

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