Saturday, August 7, 2010

Coffee Saturday . Second Cup , San Agustin

Back to a coffee review as I missed last nights beer review thanks to a late return from a bike ride . Yes , I could have reviewed one tonight but I will be making my "watching UFC fighting debut" at a friends place . I have an Ed Hardy t shirt , a white tap out hat with a wide rim (that will be worn backwards) , and of course white sunglasses and some gold jewellery that will go well with the occasion . I may get my ass kicked once they see me .

Second cup coffee has always been a favorite of mine . San Agustin , one in their lineup that comes from Columbia and is a medium roast . San Agustin is an estate coffee meaning it is a specific area that uses the same farming practises to create a precise flavor . This one is brewed in the Huila region of Columbia ...........Where the hell is that ? Somewhere in Columbia I guess !

The taste of this is coffee is hard to discern , as coffee is hard to review . I can taste some slight hints of fruit but those are overpowered by the "coffee flavor"........Yes , I know . I suck as a reviewer . Gimme a break , coffee is hard shit to review .......

This one gets 4.5 beans out of 5

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