Friday, October 1, 2010

Beer Friday . Rexall Place Oilers Magic Beer

the Oilers lost , but I won
First let me start out by saying thank you Northlands , thank you for whatever it is you do to your beer . For years now the beer at Rexall place , home of our beloved Oilers , the sight of many great concerts , rodeos , circuses (clowns suck !) , and now professional lacrosse , has given many "mainly Oiler fans" a "special buzz" .

Maybe it`s something in the pipes , or maybe it`s laced with crack cocaine . Whatever it is after two or three of these you will feel an extra warm glow , an extra warm glow you won`t find anywhere else . I found that out at a red hot chili peppers concert quite some time back . For those who don`t live here , and a few that do , this beer is well known for it`s "special" ingredient ..........whatever that is ? Hopefully whatever it is , they will keep the same ingredients when they move into a new arena . Could it be something in the Northland`s ground that gives this stuff it`s kick ? Guess we`ll know soon won`t we ? Me , I sure hope not .

This beer gets a solid 5 suds out of 5

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