Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Riding .......Sans memory card

On a night that was just oh so pretty with the sun setting low over the river creating awesome light conditions , I realized what a bonehead I can be and realized . AAAAAH ! It`s that damned font thing again ! What did I do to deserve this ? O.K , be real quiet and maybe it will go away . I`m just going to ignore it and hope it disappears .

Back to the ride .........It`s gone , the font is normal again , brothers and sisters this shit is messed up ! Anyways , the camera would have been great tonight , especially the SLR . The ride took me from Mill Creek - Ewok and some playing around in the Forest height area . Tremendous weather made the ride that much better. If only I had a camera . Maybe tomorrow night . Been car shopping , so who know`s ......Stupid cars !

Concordia or Die

 A huge improvement on yesterday and this one was started in the weird refinery park otherwise known as Goldstick. It was all singletrack on...