Friday, May 20, 2011

Destination: Breathless...not quite

it`s hard to believe your in the middle of Edmonton sometimes

on my journey I picked up a shrubbery
On my booked day off as news of the world coming to an end I got my first big one in of the year.

I had originally wanted to head to my beloved Jasper, but with news of grizzly bears down low and not finding anyone to ride with. I played it smart and stayed home. I don`t want judgement day to happen for me a day early. I`m sure I would have been fine in the mountains as I`ve done solo rides there many times. Hmmmm, maybe I should have gone!

Oh well, the ride today proved to be pretty good despite not reaching my intended target. Breathless trail on the north side of the Henday bridge. I had ridden there with a couple guys last November and was quite smitten with the trail. Good trails are much like a great girl you meet for the first time, you ride them for the first time....oh shit! This is not looking good right now! I`m talking about the trails you perverts! Anyway`s, you ride the trails for the first time and you cannot stop thinking about it. I unfortunately rode it in mid November and it snowed pretty much the next day, so I had all winter to lust over my new found trail. Every time I crossed the Henday bridge I thought about it and couldn`t wait to ride it this year.... Well, I guess I`ll have to wait a little bit as I tried taking a different route and ended up getting lost on a golf course. After that debacle I had to reroute through Terwilliger and by the condition of my legs I knew it wasn`t happening.

The ride ended right on the 50 km mark and I felt like it was about 87. It seems like anything I planned to do this weekend so far has been altered. Oh well, guess we have the rapture to look forward to tomorrow. That should be lot`s of fun...

golf anyone? no thanks

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