Saturday, August 13, 2011

A return to Fort Saskatchewan (on foot)

being on a bike here is so much better, believe me....
 Waking up depressed this morning cause I can't ride my bike, but quickly realizing with a sense of regal pleasure that I can eat like shit for breakfast and the consequences will not be felt as that would be on a mountain bike deep in the bush suffering on the beginning of a steep climb. Oh wait fat-ass! That's probably a bad thing!

I returned to Fort Saskatchewan since late June when most of those trails were underwater wondering how things would look.

The word that best describes the trail system here is "adaptable." The club that runs the trails here should be given a medal. Every trip down here things are always good to go (unless it's underwater.) The section that keeps falling into the river reminds me of the current Ewok, except Ewok isn't going to be underwater soon. It seems as the trails give way to the river and the rain,  the trails "adapt" to the current situation, all thanks to the heros that take care of these trails. It doesn't matter how dire things may seem. There will be a way through, if only for a few weeks.

Makes me really want to ride a bike....

the adaptation of a bridge that will soon be in the river
oh look! bike tracks....sigh
it's ugly here, it wont be long till this slides into the mighty north saskatchewan

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