Friday, September 30, 2011

Beer Friday. Moosehead

With pride this beer boasts that it comes from Canada's oldest brewery. Really? Is that true now? I've had beer on here that loudly proclaimed how old they are. Some wouldn't shut up the whole ride home. This one in particular shoved it in my face the whole ride just about forcing me to crash my poor little Jeep into that crowd of schoolchildren! Thankfully we have wikipedia now days and it proved the point of this obnoxious big mouthed Jeep crashing into schoolchildren beer. It was right! 1867 was the year it was born. Not nearly as old as some of the great beers that have been on here, but it is a proud Canadian as it started the same year as this Tim Horton donut loving country. And hey! 1867? Really?  We Canadians are really not that old compared to some countries. My real concern is, what the hell are groups of schoolchildren doing out at nine on a Friday night?

The pour showed a good golden beer colour.... The way it should be damn it! A good odour that went undetected all thanks to my giant nose picking up every allergic fiber outside (thanks for the big nose Dad!). The first taste took me straight to sweet memories of drinking Kokanee sitting around the campfire after a good day of riding. Cause that's what this stuff is for, it does not offend the precious inside of your mouth, you don't want to wash it down with cat urine (that's a bonus) due to an incredibly offensive aftertaste. It's good, not great. But good goes a long way especially if your sitting around the campfire chillin with a few brews. This stuff would be most welcoming. Go out and get some, and if your an employee with Moosehead I'm truly sorry about the below photo with the Beibs. I'm starting to have to search for things to take pictures of the beer with. I'll try to make it up to ya...

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5

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