Sunday, October 2, 2011

This Is What's Called "Searching For Content"

 A post up of the pictures that didn't make it on here after the ride. As another weekend of non riding all thanks to a fubar neck (and I came so close) goes by. I was looking at the stats on this here blog and since July ended the posts have been down quite a bit. So...

I have been asked many times on how I get the shots of me riding. So to quell anymore questions via email or when we meet. It's just simply a Joby tripod or a log, with either the point and shoot or SLR camera set on timed capture.

These are some of the shots I hummed and hawed about putting on here, a few self timed and not. Maybe I'll post up more later

Fort Edmonton bridge

an early season singletrack surprise


Rowland trail

Ewok hunting
you know. I'm almost positive I put this one up already.... Yep, I checked
and I did. Oh how embarrassing...

Beer Friday. Born Colorado, Opposite Day Amber Lager

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