Friday, October 28, 2011

Beer Friday. Yukon Brewing, Yukon Gold

The last Friday of the greatest month of the year. Oh how incredibly sad! On a happy note. The riding has seem to have returned almost back to full gear. Entering November and it can only get better and better as the forests get ready for Winter and the cool air and dense dead looking trees add a certain splendor to the magical trails.

Yukon brewing from Whitehorse, Yukon. One of the more desirable places to go for anyone who likes to do stuff in the outdoors in case you didn't know. The brewery opened it's doors in 1997 by a couple lads from Ontario who like to do things in the outdoors, under the name Chilkoot brewing. The idea to start a brewery came to them on a canoe trip. Yet another good reason to get a canoe! Business ideas! Another good reason. Canoe dancing. Yukon Gold is their flagship beer which features work from artist Lynn Blakie. A piece of work that captures the spirit of our Canadian north.

The pour gave us all a nice golden beer that would make Anheuser-Bush proud. Or would he just be a stuck up prick about the whole thing? The crisp white head hung around long enough for a Green Day song and soon vanished. The smell gave us some earthly hops but quite faint. Should we all be worried? Hell no. The taste was a warm welcome to the end of another week. Nothing too special that stood out. Just an all around good tasting beer. Faint hops that lead your weekly worries into an empty field full of unicorns and lollipops. Or was that the alcohol?

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5

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